Outsourcing And
BPO Services

Outsourcing And BPO Services


The entire West has taken the opportunity of outsourcing its business units to the third world countries mainly in Asian region that has resulted in regional economic stability and progress. Ever since the BPO industry has gotten sophisticated, agencies have involved to ensure the best services and greater productivity to the outsourcing bodies.

  1. Complete Call center outsourcing solutions
    From the scratch setup for your customer care that will enhance your user experience to the next level of advanced customer support techniques. We have a huge team capable of running your customer support and proactive sales team to double your sales by what you do now. This will cut down your costs with a huge margin. You can save the salary expense, billing expense and maintenance expense required to manage a huge team to take care of the customer support and sales teams. On the top we give you cheaper solutions with enhances and optimized results for ever.
  2. Website maintenance and development outsourcing.
    Most of the business giants don’t have IT related business stream line and thus to hire a permanent department for their IT requirements is costly and non-profit at the same time. For such business models and companies we are the most favorable resort where they can find cheaper solutions and with our given solutions their profit margins can also go up by some figures.
  3. Logo designing outsourcing.
    A company that has constant needs of designing at different seasons or occasions would usually have a department of designing and printing etc. If you are a bakery then your cup cake wrappers and other paper or plastic related material needs to be designed in a branded theme. A bakery for example would not consider hiring an entire department to do that for such a need. When its Christmas or thanksgiving day every business has a need of throwing some captivating offers to their users, clients or consumers and if you don’t have a creative idea to portray or convey that offer to masses today where you competitors are doing it hundred times better than you then how can you survive in such a cut throat market.
  4. Digitizing and embroidery outsourcing facilities.
    If you are an embroidery company and needs some DST files to be made by an expert digitizer whose punches on your JPEGS allows your machines to run the needles smoothly on your fabric then contact us and we shall give you the solution this as well. We have a huge team of expert and experienced digitizers who have been in the embroidery business for over a time of decade and no matter how complicated the design is they know where to give the command of start and where to stop. They know where to give the command of jump and where they need to go slow. If such digitizers punch your designs at cheaper rates your profit margin can go high up in the sky.
  5. Taxation and independent audit outsourcing.
    Outsource your entire accountancy and audit department to our company. We shall take your data and arrange them in the way suitable to your laws. You don’t have to spend a lot to manage your funds and profit and on the top you can save a lot of money on auditing and tax filing process.



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